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Gresa Kuçi

Gresa Kuçi, Member 

Solid was established as shoe trading company in 1990, and five years later started producing shoes. Now Solid is the leader of shoe manufacturing industry in the domestic market. They also work with brands known as GEOX, Pierre Cardin, Ferragamo and Zeuis.


Albulena Sopa

Albulena Sopa, Member

Albulena Sopa – Quality Manager and Designer - "S // Sprint" is sports clothes manufacturer that operates in Podujevë. Each item is selected by 'Designers' of company, and all of them are with European standards.


Shpend Beqiri

PUNTEX, Member

Shpend Beqiri is the owner and director of Puntex. Puntex was established in 2002 and its main products are Workwear and Uniforms. The company employs 21 persons, with two third of them women. Puntex covers the majority of the market share in Kosovo and is also exporting in Albania.


Ruzhdi Bokshi

Wear&Go, Member

Wear&Go was established in 2000 with Ruzhdi Bokshi as owner. It has 37 employees. The main products of Wear&Go are jeans, casual trousers, sportswear and T-shirts. The company operates from a facility of almost 1000m2, which is located in the industrial area of Gjakovë/Djakovica.


Bardha Sadrija

TexStyle, President of the Board 

TexStyle is a home textile producer established in 2012 with Bardha Sadrija as its owner. The company produces cotton dish towels, table covers, pillow sheets and sets of bedroom sheets. The company is selling only to the local market - Kosovo, but soon is expected to export.



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