Nenshkrimi i MOU me kompanine S/SPRINT

KAMA ka vizituar kompanine anetare te saj S/SPRINT. Qellimi i vizites tek kjo kompani ishte nenshkrimi i marreveshjes se bashkepunimit ne lidhje me projektin kater (4) vjecar te financuar nga USAID “Partneriteti per Impakt ne Sektorin e Veshmbathjeve”, projekt ky i cili synon te krijoje qendrueshmeri ne sektorin e veshmbathjeve edhe pas perfundimit te tij.

Meet Kosovo’s apparel company Wear and Go

Wear & Go produces jeans, shirts and jackets since 1992. The company recently added to its production cotton clothing such as blouses and sportswear.

Tex Style Company

Tex Style produces cotton towels for dishes, table covers, and bed sheet sets. The company sells in the local market, but plans to export in the future.

Vitex Company

Vitex produces different outfits for adults and children, including jeans, skirts, and coats. The company export all of its products to the German company Wegener Industry Consulting.

Tex Co Company

Tex Co produces quality apparel for top international fashion brands. The company recently started manufacturing products for the prestigious fashion company MaxMara.

Meet Kosovo’s apparel company Tercom

The textile company Tercom started its activity in 2014, by producing a small amount of bags. With the increasing demand and the offer, today the company produces a considerable number of various bags. Tercom operates in the domestic market and has started exporting to Germany

Meet Kosovo’s apparel company Tailor One

Tailor One produces elegant and casual trousers, supplying the local market with products. The company currently employs 24 workers, and plans to export in the future.

Soxey Socks #MadeinKosovo

Soxey Socks manufactures socks for babies, children, women, and men. The company has also started with the production of sports and technical socks, and exports its products to Switzerland.

Meet She Wolf Company

She Wolf is another company that will be presenting its clothing line for children at the Kosovo Apparel Convention. The company was estabilished last year and operates in North Mitrovica, designing and sewing dresses for different age groups.




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